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NFA - Mandated to manage all Central Forest Reserves

National Forest Monitoring System

... the institutionalization of the National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS) ensures that NFA and the related institutions responsible for Uganda's forest estate (FSSD, District Forest Services, UWA) have the capacity to measure and report forest related carbon emissions by activity in a manner that is transparent and verifiable. In support to that endeavor FAO's technical support has led to the establishment of this wiki as a repository of all knowledge that has been provided to the NFA. In order to enable Uganda to have the capacity to measure and report forest related carbon emissions by activity in a manner that is transparent and verifiable FAO has established a National Forest Monitoring System Portal. Uganda's capacity to measure carbon related emissions has also been enhanced by establishment of online real-time data collection

Forest Inventories

While executing its statutory mandate, NFA has over the years made effort to establish and monitor Uganda’s forest stock through Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing plus field forest inventories. By March 2019, the NFA-NFI team had traversed most of the Albertine region. Prior to field NFI campaigns, the Ministry Of Water and Environment engages in mass sensitization of the areas to be visited.

In a forest inventory, the tabulated information generally includes estimates for trees, tree properties and is regarded as reliable for its intended purpose. NFA has over the years carried out filed inventories collecting data on tree properties (diameter, height and other characteristics) for various purposes. Forest Inventories In Uganda and these are:

  1. National Biomass Study NBS
  2. Timber Stock assessment inventories (Exploratory Inventory and Integrated Stock Survey)
  3. Permanent Sample Plot (s) for growth and yield monitoring.They also provide data on changes in land use, forest stocking, volume and carbon.

Field Inventory Procedures

... these have been perfected over the years and well documented

Forest Inventory Data Management

National Forest Inventory Data management at NFA has since 2016 progressed from predominately paper field forms for data collection and flat file storage to digital data collection and relational database management system for storage ...

Land Use Land Cover (LULC) Map Production

Land cover is a visualization of the physical cover of the earth’s surface and is a collection of the many processes taking place on the land. Since 1990, the Government of Uganda have produced six (6) Land use cover maps for the years 1990, 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015 and 2017 using remote sensing images.